Decision Concerning MS “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding”// Author: Mr J. Locke.

Dear Mr. Locke,

I read with great interest your MS “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding”. It contained much that seemed to me of value, and something of originality. However, I regret to inform you that the Journal will be unable to consider publication. As clearly stated in our Guidelines For Authors, we expect contributors to make a clear and sustained contribution to the study and understanding of morals. Although your MS addresses moral questions, it does so in too scattered and indirect a manner to be directly relevant to our readership. Furthermore, although you assemble great evidence for diversity of moral practice, it does not follow that this leads to *denial of the innateness of moral ideas tout court*: why could not God’s chosen people (the followers of CHRIST in this post-Hebrew age) be possessed of such knowledge, whilst heathen savages and pagans denied it? Furthermore, you frequently assert in your MS that moral truths are susceptible to demonstration by reason, yet at no point do you offer or undertake any such demonstration. Finally, the MS is altogether too long. You entitle it an “Essay” on human understanding, but clearly it is a book-length project.

I hope this decision does not deter you from seeking to publish with the Journal in future.

The Editor.


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